Harmony’s Odyssey indie puzzler announced for October 2022

September 20, 2022

Harmony’s Odyssey will be filled with witches, cats in a row, and 3D puzzles in October.

Harmony’s Odyssey Harmony’s Journey, an upcoming diorama-based puzzle game developed by MythicOwl is now available with new trailers and a date for its launch. The game is scheduled for October 19th, 2022, and will be released via Steam as well as on the Nintendo Switch. You can view the complete video trailer here: YouTube here:

MythicOwl is a small development and publishing team located in Poland is continuing to prove its love of education and puzzles in this game. They’ve focused on indie puzzle games prior to and have previously released titles such as Hexalogicand One Line Coloring.

The tone is similar to the previous two and feel, however, Harmony’s Odysseyreally appears to be the perfect culmination of their concepts. The diorama’s premise is an enjoyable hook that creates a connection to the tile-placement games. Graphics in 3D are nice and make it easier to distinguish Harmony’s Odyssey from many puzzle games available in the mobile game space.

The trailer also showcases the supernatural aspects associated with the fall and Halloween seasons, making it make the most of the fall and Halloween. The art style is cute, almost as if it were Animal Crossing, with a wide range of worlds and enemies. As MythicOwl clearly is geared towards learning, Harmony’s Odyssey is developing into an excellent game for kids.

The bright and vibrant settings are fun and inventive The puzzles are quite enjoyable. Also, there is a fun sense of humor that is evident in this game. Any cat owner within the family will be giddy when they realize that their fantasy worlds are entangled by a snarky cat as the Steam page provides.

It’s surprising to learn that the game will also allow cooperative play. If you didn’t see it, here’s a teaser for the co-op mode that was released just a few months ago:


Harmony’s Odyssey was first announced over a year ago, but there have been only a few changes since. The release date has been rescheduled to the perfect time and is surely a surprise to the thousands of curious fans who watched the trailer for the announcement.


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