Hasan admits the degrading relationship with xQc was the main reason of a streamerlist rant

Hasan HasanAbi Piker has opened to the world about his emotional and tense reaction after being overlooked in Felix The xQc Lengyels Twitch as well as YouTube streaming tier lists. Although his opinion regarding xQcs gambling sponsorship streams, which played an important part but his opinion was uninformed , and he said he was unsatisfied.

Hasan stated that I’ve been really annoyed by Felix for quite a while since Channel 16 on June 16. As you’re aware, he’s been staying at my house in order to be… everything is wonderful. We’re definitely getting further along in the process.

The situation was changed after xQc was able to resume his streams of sponsorship. Hasan admitted that he’s very dissatisfied with him as he did not understand the morality of the matter and claimed their friendship had broken down.

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It’s been a while that he had amusement. I’ve always been skeptical about my opinions regarding streaming services for gambling and sponsorships. I wish she didn’t be doing it. He’s got plenty of money.

He explained the reason that he chose to share his first tweet, in which it claimed that xQc had snubbed him from the streamer tier list because he was unable for him to speak about current political issues on stream.


Hasan believes that xQc is able to earn money from sponsorship streams of gambling. If he is concerned about the teens who love and admire him, he can’t take a decision. According to him this shows that xQc doesn’t care about his community in any way until the point at which the xQc is against milking the money from gambling and it doesn’t agree for him morally.

He ended on a positive side by saying that xQc is a friendly person within the telecast , however it’s no issue for Twitch as he’s the goblin of content.

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