Have you ever seen a Skyrim werewolf transforming in the wild?

Many people who have played The Elder Scrolls 5 Skyrim for hundreds of hours, or even thousands, of hours, are now witnessing a rare sight: A werewolf casually changing into wild.

Carlini_95 posted a frightening video on the Skyrim Subreddit. It shows a chance encounter between Hunter and an NPC. Hunter initially appears innocent, aside from the fact that he basks in the moonlight in the middle-of-nowhere thing. But, Hunter soon turns into a vicious werewolf. After a while, the player is stunned and then realizes the gravity of the situation. At that point, they wisely backtrack and draw their sword. The video cuts as the werewolf charges towards the player, apparently to save us from the bloodshed.

Carlini_95 said it was their first encounter of a wild werewolf transform in the wild. This is a departure from quests or dungeons, where they are programmed to do so at specific points. It took them over 1,000 hours. The top comment received almost 2000 upvotes and reads, “This is the first time I have ever seen a werewolf transform outside of quests.” KingKex echoes the sentiment, “About 15,000 Hours [editor’s note: wow] In the game and I hadn’t even known people transformed into werewolves.”

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