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Head Hunter Badge Slap Battles – How to Get

Head Hunter Badge-Slap Battles – How to Get, tips and information about the reward, The DETONATOR Glove. This is one of the most recent gloves.


How to get the Head Hunter Badge Slap Battles?

You must have at least 15 kills to win a Slap Royale match


This badge can only be obtained in the Slap Royale gamemode. You must kill at least 15 players to earn it. To be able to defeat players, you will need to be in total genocide. However, luck is also required to increase your power and speed.

Head Hunter Badge Slap Battles – Reward

The DETONATOR gloves were added June 18, 2022. It is the 23rd unique glove in Slap Battles. You can unlock it by earning the Head Hunter badge



DETONATOR Glove Capability

The Detonator is able to place a remote bomb onto any player that you hit. Once the bomb is placed, the user can press E again to make the bomb explode in the direction they are facing.

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