Hell is Others release date trailer announces October 2022 launch

Hell is Others release date trailer announces October 2022 launch

Hell is Others, a top-down horror shooter that includes PVPVE will be released on PC in October 2022.

Hell is Others The upcoming top-down survival horror game has released a brand new trailer that confirms a release date on October 20th in 2022. The game will be only accessible to PC gamers through Steam. The game’s gameplay can be seen at the game in the latest trailer on Hell is Others’ Official YouTube Channel:

The game’s unique multiplayer shooter cleverly leverages the holiday of Halloween. The game perfectly matches the eerie retro look, the monsters, and the terrifying Century City of “endless night”. It also offers a dark and contemplative style that’s truly fascinating and original.

Hell is Others was created through Yonder, a small group located in Italy as well as Strelka Games, who seem to be bringing in the multiplayer aspect. There is no collection of games that could provide an indication of what fans are likely to get from Hell is Other.

For those who are interested in horror or indie, gamers need to look up an older video explaining the game’s gameplay, that Strelka Games uploaded back in February. The game’s mechanics are undoubtedly impressive and create a sense of energy and grit that’s enjoyable and somewhat shocking. The marketing to promote the game has been ramped up in recent months, including an announcement, made two months ago, that Beta Test will be released in the month of September. Beta Test will roll out in September 2022.

It should provide players with an idea of what’s going on however, it’s already looking to be Hell is Others extremely smart and clever. It’ll be interesting to see how players utilize the PVPVE system that’s quite extravagant for a tiny game.

It’s currently only available only on Steam at moment. It’s hoped that it will see an opportunity to enter the field of subscription services like PS Plus or Xbox Game Pass which could expand the reach of the game and also fund future projects.


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