Hellblade 2 concept art shows off a battered coastal village

Developer Ninja Theory has unveiled the Hellblade 2 concept artwork.

The developer shared a game with its Twitter followers earlier today. They would share Hellblade 2’s concept art if a tweet they shared could get 500 retweets. We can now see the artwork below, which was created by the developer.

This new concept art gives us an idea of what we can expect from Ninja Theory’s next sequel. We’ll likely be exploring the edge of Hellblade 2’s Senua, to a small village near jagged rocks being battered with endless waves.

It is a perfect setting for Hellblade. You may recall that the original game took us to an area where land was crashing against the sea, and a tall statue was visible near the horizon.

Hellblade 2 is a long-running project that was revealed in late 2019 as the first new-gen game. Fast forward almost two years and Ninja Theory announced that the sequel had not entered full production.


We’ve also seen one gameplay teaser, with Senua, the main protagonist, embarking on a huge hunt. Melina Juergens has been seen as Senua in the original and sequels . She is learning to fight for the new game, which suggests that Senua’s next adventure may be big on action.

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