Heroes of Newerth permanently shuts down after 12 years

Heroes of Newerth is one of the most iconic and under-appreciated MOBAs of gaming history. It has now been officially shut down its online servers. The store still has general access to it, more than 12 year after its original release in May 2010.

Frostburn Studios announced that they will close the game. Although it was a sad news for many, the Frostburn Studios had to make this big decision.

We are sorry to announce that Heroes of Newerth will no longer be in business. All the details were posted on our official Facebook page: https://t.co/XenYAtOwCD.

December 13, 2021, Heroes of Newerth (@heroesofnewerth).

Hero of the Newerths was not released until the present, but the game enjoyed a strong competitive edge over its competitors. All this happened during the beta testing phase. Dota 2 was limited to Warcraft’s map that existed at the time.

The game was immediately released and its waters were the same as those in League of Legends and Dota 2. Riot and Valve had better marketing strategies and attracted large numbers to their MOBAs. They began hosting large tournaments and eventually seized the group’s player base.

Heroes of Newerth was originally a paid game. A copy cost $1. They quickly became a F2P game, which allowed their competition to attract new players and keep existing players playing.

Although the game took longer than other MOBA games it was popular enough that many players still remember the battle for the title.

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