Hide and Seek – Review of Star Trek Picard 2.09

In “Hide and Seek,” the creators for Star Trek: Picard bring a variety of storylines through to the final episode of Season 2. However, in some instances the way to get there appears to be rough. Particularly in light of the fact that the plot of the three previous episodes was very rambling it is a question about the reason why this time wasn’t spent more wisely. The most important thing is that the resolution to the Borg queen’s fate is extremely negative.

The show begins with Borg Queen, along with her brand new army advancing on La Sirena. In this episode, the observant viewer must first consider the valid question about the reason why the army can’t just direct itself into La Sirena, given that after all, the Borg Queen is in charge of the transporters. In other words, one shouldn’t consider the strategies employed by Borg mercenaries. For instance, Borg mercenaries have a very warm and friendly nature and always announce their location with the aid of green trackers.

Furthermore the budget of the show was exposed as a negative when it comes to “The Hidden Game”. The majority of the episodes seem poorly produced that is quite shocking when as compared the production quality of Star Trek: Discovery . The majority of the story doesn’t happen in the night. While some memories from Battle of Winterfell Battle of Winterfell can certainly be heard, but there’s only five or four people in direct view of cameras at any one at the same time. Furthermore the effects are minimal, which means that the whole thing leaves an impression that is a bit cheap.

The Lonely Queen of the Borg

As Picard along with the rest of his crew confront Borg Queen’s mercenaries from outside the ship Inside, Agnes is fighting for her life. The reason she suddenly has the ability to access her entire body as absurd as the reason that the queen has taken control. The appearance of her hologram is also a little suspicious and at least it gives Raffi the opportunity to make amends.

Agnes initially is able to block her Borg Queen in the beginning from taking over of the ship. Hologram Elnor makes life difficult for Agnes. The situation changes as Seven and Raffi are also on the ship, and Seven is killed. This is the last step in revealing the Borg as they once were one of the most fascinating Star Trek villains.

When speaking to Agnes In the conversation, the Borg Queen’s motivations are reduced to simple sadness in the final scene. However “All She Wants to Be Loved” is a shocking revelation of Picard’s only foe. The reality it is Agnes as well as the Borg Queen later join one another to form the anticipated time loop in the season’s opening doesn’t change significantly either. It must also be noted that Queen Borg was easier to convince. In this episode, the writers threw away the possibility of having Agnes put the groundwork for this type of development in earlier episodes. Since so little was happening in the past episodes, this makes it an even bigger disappointment.

Picard's childhood trauma revealed

Picard’s childhood trauma exposed

In the meantime, Picard must both fend away Soong’s efforts to kill him as well as confront memories of her childhood. The writers depend on flashbacks of his childhood that are more disturbing in this episode than they were before. The actual suspense arc is interrupted numerous times to provide the viewers with the story of Picard’s trauma. It’s also on uncertain ground, as it is unlikely that viewers will be taught by the character of Picard in his 90s when the blame lies with him for the suicide of his mother.

The mystery at least is now solved, and the season finale will focus the story of Soong and his efforts in stopping the Europa mission. For Soong it is to be noted that he has since then completely fallen into the cliches and is a constant self-deprecating narrator. It’s no wonder that Brent Spiner is playing the part too.

Seven is able to accept herself

Together with Picard, Seven is also facing her own inner struggle as she plays Hide as well as Seek. Much like the Agnes storyline however, the resolution is also a bit abrupt , and one could wish for a more logical structure before. Thus, Seven had to spend a significant portion of the final episodes off the beaten path and served more like a cue-giver. It is true that Seven’s prior life as an a Borg is still causing her issues was just hinted at in the very first episode and a more detailed explanation was never actually made. In the end, lots of potential was lost and again.

In the meantime, Rios remains torn between his love for Teresa Ramirez and his commitment to his role as an Starfleet officer. in “The Hide and Seek” the duty remains initially however the final word seems to not be spoken at this point. There’s a lot evidence to indicate that creators are also planning to write Santiago Cabrera out of the series. Perhaps you’d like to prepare to bring back the former guard in Season 3. His fate will be decided within the next week at time of the.


Bumpy, bumpy Star Trek: Picard season 2 gets closer to its end. “The Hide and Seek” is a plot arc that brings together a number of plot lines and solves the mystery surrounding Borg queen. Borg queen, however it fails in doing it convincingly.

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