Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights will still release this year, according to WarnerMedia CEO

Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights publisher WarnerMedia states that we can anticipate both games to launch in the coming year.

The confirmation of the game’s release date was announced in an tweet(opens in a new page) by WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar detailing the company’s quarter-end results and its full-year performance. In one tweet on the topic, Kilar explains the company’s future plans, which includes: “Delivering a full slate of highly anticipated games.”

Although they’re not specifically mentioned however, images are included of Hogwarts Legacy and Gotham Knights are included in the tweet. Both games do not have an exact release date however, if WarnerMedia’s CEO of WarnerMedia declares that we can anticipate both games to launch in 2022, that’s very impressive hint as to when they’ll release.

What makes this story particularly intriguing it is due to the fact that Hogwarts Legacy was plagued by a variety of stories that suggest that the game is in some sort issue or “trouble” and that it is postponed to 2023 in the wake of the previous delay until 2022. However, it appears that this isn’t true because it’s not just the WarnerMedia CEO stating that the game will launch in 2022, but it appears that the Official Harry Potter fan website has also confirmed the same.

In the last year Hogwarts Legacy’s designer also released a tweet which promised to bring more information to announce by 2022. We’ve not heard anything from the developer about the game one month into 2022. However it was reported that there would be a new announcement going around at the beginning of the year that claimed there would be an PS5 state of Play presentation scheduled for February that would showcase the much-anticipated Wizarding World game but we do not have confirmed confirmation from the company yet.

In the case of Gotham Knights, our last update to the game was with an updated trailer in the month of October in 2021 that brought us to the Court of Owls. There is no officially announced release date for this game yet, besides the 2022 date. As with Hogwarts Legacy, Gotham Knights was earlier delayed from 2021 until 2022 at the beginning of last year.

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