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Honkai Star Rail release date speculation and beta

Honkai Star Rail release date speculation and beta

We won’t be able to determine when the Honkai Star Rail release date in the near future however, an open Honkai Star Rail beta has been launched – sign up today to gain access to this thrilling new JRPG

Attention to all Honkai Impact 3rd players and Hoyoverse fans as a whole There’s a brand new game in the works. Honkai Star Rail‘s release date isn’t known at the moment, but it’s an expansion of Honkai Impact. Therefore, it’s likely that it’s a game for the JRPG genre, which makes this the 3rd major game from Hoyoverse that follows the first Genshin Impact and Genshin Impact.

Since Hoyoverse has declared the game a success, we can safely declare it’s likely that the Honkai Star Rail release date is a bit further away. But it doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t take a look at Honkai Star Rail’s beta Honkai Star Rail beta to get more details. Hoyoverse presented the game during Honkai Star Rail’s Starfire Sonorant concert that was part of the celebration to mark Honkai Impact 3.

Honkai Star Rail is a combat that is turn-based and could have an open-world setting, and with a large area If Honkai Impact 3rd, as well as Genshin Impact, is anything to be taken from. This latter one continues to expand with new locations and characters appearing as part of the latest Genshin impact updates. To find out more it is recommended to look over the Honkai Star Rail characters guide once you’re finished here.

Honkai Star Rail’s date of release Rumors

The simple response is we do not know when the game will be released however we hope to see it before the end of the year. In September’s TGS Hoyoverse Special program, we got to see a ton of gameplay footage and even a hint of a brand new Honkai Star Rail character. The latest trailer is below.

When will when the Honkai Star Rail beta?

The initial private Honkai Star Rail beta was accessible for iPhone users only. However, another closed beta was held in May 2022 for a variety of platforms. Unfortunately, the betas are been closed. However, you can save this page to your bookmarks, follow Honkai Star Rail’s official Honkai Star Rail Twitter and subscribe to emails via the Honkai-Star Rail official Honkai Star Rail website to be informed whenever new information comes out.

If you’re not yet playing Honkai Impact 3rd, and want to test it out prior to the release of Honkai Star Rail, make sure to read the Honkai Impact characters guide. Also, we offer an Honkai impact codes list for those who want freebies. You can also check out our selections of the most popular mobile RPGs If you’re looking for something unique.