House Flipper – How to Get “Do it ASAP” Achievement

It’s hard to believe this right? WRONG. It’s really simple to do if you adhere to the steps and tricks listed in this guide!

The best job you can pick

The most efficient job you can choose to earn this award could be among the initial jobs that you’ll get during the course. The task is “Cleaning the garage” from Caroline Smith. All the person asks for is to clear, clean up garbage and wash the windows in the garage .

If you’ve completed this task then open your mail and click on the archives tab. This job should be at the top of your list of jobs you’ve completed.

The hardest part

This is the point where you have to be fast.

Once you’ve loaded at the door of your house, you can begin to sprint

(default keybinding is V)to the door and then walk through the door on the left. When you want to sprint, you do not need to press the button. Simply press it once as you walk and then you begin to run. When you stop walking, the sprinting stops also.


If you are entering the garage, the first thing to do is take all the trash out. Take everything in your vicinity. Be careful not to become stuck in trying to gather the empty tires. They aren’t considered trash.

The most crucial part of thisis to wash the windows after you have removed the trash. It is imperative to wash the windows for someone to judge the work as satisfactory enough to be completed. I took a test, and even though I got rid of most of the rubbish and cleaning all the room with a broom, was unable to finish the task. It is imperative to wash the windows.

One tip to clean windows in the game is to make sure you don’t speed up too much and be funny enough. If you do, you’ll end up leaving the windows covered in dirt even after you’ve cleaned them. Be aware of this.


After you’ve cleaned the windows after you’ve cleaned the window, you’ll be almost done! Make sure you’ve got the broom at your disposal and wash some easy to area patches to sweep your ground. Wait until you get the sound to let you know you can finish the task right now. Quickly press Enter and finish the task. Now you’re accomplished! Now you should have the accomplishment!

They might require a few times, but don’t be discouraged.

Final thoughts

I’m amazed that only has 2% of the population with this feat, and i hope this guide will help you! In the beginning, I was unsure of how anyone could do this. Every home for me requires at least half and an additional hour. I was lucky to remember the only job that required one room of cleaning and was a quick clean. In any case, that you loved the tutorial and that it has helped you!

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