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House of the Dragon Season 2 Can Move Past the Targaryens

House of the Dragon Season 2 Can Move Past the Targaryens

The following contains spoilers of House of the Dragon Season 1 Episode 5 “We Lighting the Path” which debuted on Sunday, September. 11. HBO.

There’s no reason to be surprised by the fact that House of the Dragon is a show that focuses almost exclusively on the House Targaryen. In when it first began of Game of Thrones everyone believed that the Targaryen family might be able to help to build a collection by themselves. Now that this speculation has been examined and it’s clear that the House of the Dragon should be looking beyond their own Targaryens in Season 2.

Although the current is more extensive in nearly every way, House of the Dragon appears less imposing than Game of Thrones. From the simple questions about Jon Arryn’s murder to numerous characters with different viewpoints, the original collection seemed bigger.

The intense focus on House of the Dragon is a continuation of the Targaryens and has the possibility that viewers become bored with the characters. In Game of Thrones viewers awaited with anticipation the short little snippets of their favorite characters’ stories. It’s not a surprise that Daemon Targaryen is one of the most memorable characters in House of the Dragon however some credit should go to Matt Smith’s famed performance. With the impending time-bounce, viewers could become more curious about the characters and their families.

 Game of Thrones viewers

In the first installment of Game of Thrones viewers were in the middle of Tyrion Lannister’s journey, Jon Snow’s as well as Winterfell’s as well as the Starks traveling up to King’s Landing and Dany and Viserys with Dothraki. Although House of the Dragon is not devoid of characters, they are so closely linked that their stories do not seem like distinct stories in any way. There are only a handful of scenes in which there aren’t any Targaryens in the present. And within these, the focus of discussion is Targaryens. Instead of being a royal epic of family betrayal, conflict, and conflict this series seems more like an unclean soap opera that has the most expensive set attire on television.

House of the Dragon Season 2 Can Move Past the Targaryens

Before the big series debut, it was clear that a Season 2 renewal from HBO was an expected outcome. The conflict called “The Dancing of the Dragons” will begin in Season 1but it won’t be fully realized until the next. In the event that producers are determined to keep the younger cast together, they may introduce flashbacks next season. If they decide to do so, they’ll integrate these flashbacks into stories of non-Targaryen characters in order to strengthen the story’s central theme.

Follow your Starks in Winterfell or the person in charge of the Vale through the years showing what they could have been doing during the initial season. The only thing the series wants is a scene here and there that reflects the motivations of the characters within the present. These will help broaden the perspective of the present past just one family.

A part that makes a person a fan and especially a style fan is dreaming of what the next model of your favorite universe or story could be. Since fans write the stories of their minds that they love, any particular film or item may not remain as long as the headcanon. There’s a fine distinction between being essential to a show in its entirety and not being fair to a show for what it isn’t. House of the Dragon is designed to tell a story regarding the Targaryens and that’s the message the storytellers give viewers.

Similar to He-Man from the beginning of Masters of the Universe:

Revelation, a story could consist of a couple of characters, even if that character is not present. For Season 2, the viewers will be treated to an expanded Westeros with assembly-line characters as well as families whose ties to the House of Targaryen are just the wording of a vow. If different people are asked to shed their blood in the course of a Targaryen family feud the viewers must know why they decide to spill their blood in the first place, and this is done through telling their stories.

The new Episodes of House of the Dragon premiere Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO as well as streaming on HBO Max.