How Daniel Was Able to Beat Terry Silver in Season 5

September 21, 2022

It seems like every episode of Cobra Kai finds ways to make the fights more dramatic and bigger. For Season 5 (which is being described as one of the seasons in the series’ greatest), Cobra Kai made the stakes higher by moving away from the tournament-based battles instead, focusing on combat in real life. In Season 4, Cobra Kai received the All-Valley Tournament, leaving Terry Silver free to build his own model throughout the valley, which placed Cobra Kai in a battle together with Daniel LaRusso.


As stated, Daniel closed down Miyagi-Do after falling the tally to Cobra Kai, however, he did not want to let Silver take the victory. The result was that he was referred to as an unknown muscle from Okinawa and Karate master Chozen Toguchi was also in the fight. In the middle of this season, issues came and culminated in a massive brawl that took place across multiple locations which involved Daniel fighting Silver in the middle of the issues. Daniel got the fight but is that what should have happened?


To begin with, Silver was years older than Daniel and, in his Karate Kiduniverse, age is energy. This implies that Silver was able to have more time to develop his skills in combat. He also experienced a rapid learning curve under Kim Sun-Yung for more time than Daniel experienced under Miyagi. Miyagi. In other words, due to his experience, age, and perseverance, Silver was a much superior fighter on paper.

To prove this for the proof, watch Episode 5 “Extreme measures.” At the end of the episode, Daniel tried in to express his regrets to Stingray but Silver attacked the man. When Silver admitted to having deliberately sparked the fight, Daniel could not assist himself. He stood up with his dukes and the fight was underway. Daniel really did a great job in combat and took only some hits, but his opponent was extremely outmatched. Silver took advantage of him, and Daniel was forced to stay two days in the hospital.

How Daniel Was Able to Beat Terry Silver in Season 5

Then, as the final fight came to an end, Silver started by taunting Daniel. He mentioned, “You got your ass kicked, Danny-boy. You can now accept it or punch it again at this moment.” Daniel hesitated for an extended period of time and then, with his partner who was cheering him on to fight, he was ready for spherical two. The second time, he easily defeated Silver and didn’t even get a punch. However, Daniel performing such a feat within a short amount of time is hard to imagine.


There were only the smallest of reasons why Daniel could beat Silver. One of them was that Silver got distracted. Silver was distracted. Miyagi-Do youngsters had just released the video of him confessing that he was cheating on an event called the All Valley Tournament. While the way he behaved it was not important the fact that he knew the truth was out there. The students at his college are in front of him, and getting pushed into a corner like that made him in a weak position. That’s not even mentioning that Silver was not having a rough night, and had lost his fight with Chozen.

On the other side, Daniel was combating everything he had to cost. His college friends and family have been there for him both literally and metaphorically. Being aware that he had to take down his adversaries without any doubt the way, he envisioned himself as a snake. Silver employed his “Quick Silver” methodology and targeted his opponent’s eyes, legs, and lungs. Then, he finished his opponent with the famous Crane Kick. This is how Daniel took on the fight as because he had to.


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