How Do You Unlock Hildebrandt Palace in Lost Ark?

September 20, 2022

Complete every dungeon you are eligible for.

Hildebrandt Palace is one of the Abyssal Dungeons that you can explore when playing through Lost Ark.

After unlocking Abyssal Dungeons by completing the Waiting and Leaving In the quest of North Vern, you’ll have access to this dungeon, along with other dungeons. To begin the quest you need to be at or near the level 50 mark with an item level of a minimum of 460. It is possible to begin by visiting the Abyssal Dungeon shrine in any city. If you’ve unlocked it, then you are able to enter the Integrated Dungeon by pressing Alt + Q. The dungeon is designed for four players.

How to Complete Hildebrandt Palace in Lost Ark

The first boss you’ll encounter during your time in this area will be that of the Phantom Legion Queen. The area is challenging since the boss’s signature attack is to unleash powerful waves which can kill anyone it comes into contact with. The key to beating this is to use teleportation to travel through the mirrors to the opposite part of the wave and avoid the mirrors completely. When you accomplish this and decrease your health bars, her other attack to look to avoid is her attack of clockwise rotation.

The other boss you’ll face The second boss you’ll encounter is Brelshaza Brelshaza, who will be attacking through two stages. The first one will cause huge balls to drop from the sky that you have to dodge. In this section, the player who is on the ground will have the meteor-targeted player and they will have to be the one who walks to the boss to finish the game.

Hildebrandt Palace

When this sequence is complete and the next stage will begin, which will consist of a Stagger check. You’ll have to satisfy the Stagger check requirements in order to reduce the Stagger bar and then continue to cause damage to Brelshaza. When you’ve finished the battle, another mechanism you’ll need to go through will give the three participants in the group a light. The players must concentrate and aim their lights at the player with the white X on their back. If it is done right, Brelshaza will drop a bomb at that location which will make it obvious the direction that players need to take to avoid this party-wipe technique.


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