How does Chemistry work in FIFA 23?

September 23, 2022

The FUT Chemistry system is given an entirely new dimension!

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In the game FIFA 23, players build their squads from scratch FUT. Team Chemistry plays a significant role in the speed at which players can get along. A brand new Chemistry system will be introduced to the game and naturally, players are interested in knowing what this means for the composition of teams. The positional links will be replaced by a wider system, which will allow fans to connect with their players throughout the field. This means that your Central Defender and your Striker are linked even though they are separated from each other on the field. This is how Chemistry is implemented within FIFA 23.

What is the latest FUT Chemistry system in FIFA 23?

The Chemistry feature In FIFA 23 will offer players greater variety in their team with a variety of possibilities to connect with. Instead of relying on neighbors and Linking Positions instead, players can focus on building a complete team by selecting individuals from the exact same team, country as well as league. This Official trailer video highlighted the story of Trent Alexander-Arnold as well as Andy Robertson, two Liverpool full-backs who have been dominant at the position for the past few years.

In this case, for instance, players may be able to have Lionel Messi as the Right-Winger, as well as Link Chemistry with teammates from Paris Saint-Germain, Argentinian Forwards Midfielders, Defenders, and Goalkeepers. In the case of Icons and Heroes, if they are placed in the right position, they’ll be fully in Chemistry. Icons are two players in their countries and Heroes are considered two people in their leagues.


The fans will also be able to see a brand new three-diamond design in the Player Cards. This is the amount of Chemistry that a player has on the field. There is a range of one and three Chemistry. Each player can earn three diamonds in total and that’s 33 total Chemistry. Go to your Total Chemistry panel on the left-hand side of the section for squads to find out how much Chemistry each player brings to the team. Additionally, you are able to modify the position of players according to the actual team roles they play. For instance, Joao Cancelo plays Right Back for Manchester City in the Premier League however, you could modify his position so that he plays as a Left Back.

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