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How long does it take to beat Splatoon 3’s Campaign

How long does it take to beat Splatoon 3’s Campaign

New game modes and features aren’t the only things Nintendo has added to Splatoon 3. The latest entry in the franchise extends the story with the Campaign mode and players take a more in-depth plunge into the Splatoon world through its Return of the Mammalians.

The story begins with characters beginning their journey at The Crater with the task of looking into the disappearance of the great Zap Fish, supposed to have been kidnapped by Octarians.

But the players learn during the story that they aren’t the Octarians responsible for this evil plot. Another threat is lurking in the shadows. Another NPC, the Cuttlefish, ends up being kidnapped, and the players must find a way to save him.

The Splatoon 3 campaign improves on narrative and gameplay. It features challenges that aren’t always simple to complete. Additionally, hidden areas can be unlocked if certain requirements are satisfied. This is why this article will attempt to discuss the length of time it will take players to finish Splatoon 3’s story mode. Splatoon 3 story mode.

Splatoon 3 campaign mode maps, levels, and more

Splatoon 3’s story mode operates a bit differently than the one players are familiar with from previous entries in the franchise. The latest campaign lets fans decide how they wish to complete missions and when they will be completed as well as allows players to skip some missions for the entirety of them.

1) Inflicting a snare on blobs of fuzzy Ooze

One of the primary goals for gameplay players will have to accomplish during the narrative mode is to eliminate the oozing blobs that can block pathways to kettles that are new.

Smallfry must be thrown into the bubble throughout the ooze and possibly even get past the red chunks of ooze by swiftly shifting around them. In addition, each fuzzy bubble will come with a certain number of power eggs players must collect in order to get through the stage.

Eggs can be found by defeating enemies during the game’s different levels. Some eggs can also be located in the crates, or when you complete certain tasks.

2) Every level has a theme

Each of the stages in the Splatoon 3 narrative has its theme and challenges that will test players in all their sliding and surfing capabilities.

This is among the reasons why new players to the Splatoon franchise should start by completing the story mode before attempting certain PvP and Co-op battles that the game can provide.



The campaign will help students learn the basics of testing their abilities by throwing harder obstacles at them at each stage.

The amount of time required to finish each stage will be contingent on how proficient the athlete is. It can take between 5 and 10 minutes to complete the end goal.

3) Levels can be skipped

People who wish to take in the story in Spaltoon 3 and are not wanting to take the road of a perfectionist may skip levels if needed. Since players will have to collect eggs in order to get to the next stage players may choose at levels to skip and then move to the next stage after they have collected enough eggs.

But, it’s not something that newcomers to the game should be advised to do, since the extra levels offer a fantastic opportunity to gain new skills and experiment with new weapons.

How long does it take to complete Splatoon 3’s story mode

The exact time for completion is difficult to determine in a game such as Splatoon 3, and the duration of each stage will differ according to their skills. In an average game, the campaign should take about 10 hours, when players don’t miss each level.

Complete all the levels can also unlock the secret Kettle stage which is the most difficult part of the game. If you add that up the time to complete will increase by about approximately an hour.

If players decide to take a break from the game and only play the story, the total time is 5 to 7 hours. When you complete the story mode of Splatoon 3, it will award players with special badges and equipment they can use for their characters.