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How many spectators do the biggest esports tournaments have?

As we see often, the growing popularity of sports and more discipline is becoming evident in the sport as a part of the reason why tournaments are held regularly as the tournaments become larger and bigger, and the sport attracts more large donors. It is important to understand the way youngsters and younger adults take over the majority of this in our society, and so that we can determine who will benefit from the growing crowds however, what are the numbers we see at the venue? These are the most important issues, and we’ll look into them more thoroughly.


Sometimes, developers provide numbers and also provide details of major tournaments. Although these are crucial but you must treat them with care. The gaming company should present its product in the best possible way to present a truly impressive number.

To make use of Twitch is an alternative method. You just need to log on to the website and see the number of people who watch this type of event and the related numbers of competition. There are some services that permit us to track the number of viewers over a week, a month, or for a particular event.

We will consult our Esports Chart, and give details on the most crucial figureslike the total number of viewers of an event, average number of spectators, the most frequent matches, the size of teams and more.


The Esports LoL receives the most popularity and Worlds break new records almost every year. In 2021, the maximum attendance was more than 4 million and the event was watched by nearly 3 million viewers. This figure does not include Chinese viewers who could be number of than the other nations and therefore it’s a rough estimation.

Although the gap was not that significant The audience of the world in 2021 proved to be greater than three nine million and one million, respectively.

The figures reveal that the LoL audience isn’t expanding at the same rate as it did in the previous years. But the game isn’t widely watched and has a lot of potential. This show didn’t draw the same amount of viewers. They’ve gone from the 84-45 thousand mark.



The International is a significant brand that draws much interest and is not an insignificant participant in Worlds. The quantity of TI viewers has grown by to more than two millions (at TI 9 this figure was close to 2 . million) with 857 000 have been recorded in the last tournament, which was 739 thousand. If it continues to grow and a strong performance, the TI11 will soon close the gap to Worlds.


Another popular discipline is CS Go, which last May, the premier was a massive hit with viewers. The record-breaking number was two million, in the case of 586 thousand. Although the numbers aren’t improving in comparison to the prior year the record was set, it was a long wait and the record was set for a half-year and the outcome was quite satisfactory.

The symphony is able to fight CS because of this however, the discipline saw a huge audience. The Masters of Reykjavik in April had 416 thousand, and the highest of 1,07 millions.

There were some amazing outcomes for mobile games. The 31st Southeast Asian Games tournament in Mobile Legends was the culmination of two hundred thousand hours during the year. Mobile versions of LoL would like to be on similar tracks. Icons Global Championship 2022 will start a huge event in the discipline, with an impressive prize pool. Let’s see who it will attract.

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