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How The Simpsons Movie Used Humor to Comply With Censors

How The Simpsons Movie Used Humor to Comply With Censors

The Simpsons, as a series has covered a wide range of topics and genres since it was first introduced in the 1990s. Even in the modern era, The Simpsons’ creators are still able to put out entertaining concepts that give every episode an exciting one. However, they’ve yet to push their boundaries in a way similar to the way done with The Simpsons MovieFrom dealing with the humor of politics to tackling serious issues such as environmentalism and the prevailing mentality of crowds toward the environment, The Simpsons Movie proved to be ahead of the trend as quickly as again. The film also made use of a side that television could not offer to provide — nakedness.


Although The Simpsons Movie was a success and seemed like an extra-long episode, some instances made the movie seem more cinematic than something which came out earlier. One of the best ways the film achieved this was through animation. The next focus was on shading, and even more bold colors, the film featured a greater amount of visible depth than in any other previous episodes. The movie, however, The Simpsons Movie also pushed the boundaries further by showing Bart Simpson in his birthday swimming suit, with a brief focus on his non-mentionable. But, Reddit consumer JDXAwe observed that whenever the movie aired on tv, the producers worked with censors in the most hilarious way possible.



What Happened to Bart in The Simpsons Movie?

The Simpsons Movie’s principal plotline was focused on how the Simpsons were able to save Springfield from destruction after their reckless behavior caused the entire city to be shut down in order to keep the rest of the world secure. However, as with every episode, its B-plot dragged into the main plot and proved how certain chains of events can affect the plot. In this instance, Bart was the topic of a series of dares between Homer and him. The escalation continued until Homer escalated until Bart was asked to skate in the city naked. After a quick discussion, Bart agreed and skated through Springfield.

How The Simpsons Movie Used Humor to Comply With Censors

The part that made the scene amusing was the way that the animations were used to keep Bart’s personal spaces covered, a trick that has been used in television and movies before. On the other hand, at the end of the possibility of a second, there was a moment in which everything could be observed. The second part was a joke however, it could further advance the plot of the movie and also have Bart take on Ned Flanders as a father decider, causing Homer to become a better father too.

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How Did Creators Comply With the Censors?

This explicit scene, which showed Bart’s intimates cannot be filmed on television. However, the scene isn’t clear cut, since it was directly incorporated into the next scene, which showed the police following Bart. In order to be in line with the law, the film as an alternative showed a large black bar with the words “European Version only.” It wasn’t just this funny, as it’s evident for North American audiences that this amount of nakedness cannot be proved, but it also reflected Europe’s notoriously lenient style of TV censorship.

Another aspect that contributed to the overall humorous nature of the show was the fact that it showed the amount of familiarity with television guidelines of the creators of Simpsons Simpsons. It also proved the impact that this historical event had on just how far they can go. It is clear that the Simpsons were an iconic TV show for so many years. So what could appear to be an act of humor that’s being made for the show shows how observant its creators are and how they can consider an in any other instance controversial subject similar to censorship, and then use it to frame a growing gag as a