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How to Catch an Alligator in Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

How to Catch an Alligator in Island Sanctuary in FFXIV

Final Fantasy is all about adventure and dangerous battles. Even heroes require some time to relax. Enter Island Sanctuary, where you can relax in the natural surroundings plant plants, create items, and delight in looking for new animals to ride. A massive alligator is one of the most thrilling animals, yet he’s hard to locate. Find out how to capture the beast on the Island Sanctuary in FFXIV!

How to Find and Capture an Alligator in Island Sanctuary

You must be prepared if you wish to capture an alligator because it’s a massive and powerful creature. To do this it is necessary to reach rank 8 at Island Sanctuary and go to X:17 and Y: 24 coordinates. The creature will appear in the event that the weather and time conditions are perfect.

Conditions to catch An Alligator in FFXIV

  • If you’re hunting, you don’t have to think about location alone. you’ll need to think about it. You’ll have to hunt between 8 to 9 AM (Eorzean time) to find an alligator at Island Sanctuary in Final Fantasy XIVAdditionally, you’ll have to get wet for a more as it must be eerie shower-type weather for this creature to appear.

Things needed to capture an Alligator at the Island Sanctuary

How do you catch an alligator in FFXIV?

If you’ve satisfied all requirements and are in the right location (the stream) the alligator will show up. The alligator isn’t dangerous however, to capture an alligator at Island Sanctuary, you must take him in from behind. This way, he won’t be able to escape the trap. This is all. Congratulations, you’re now the very proud alligator owner! Be nice to it and it won’t harm you or your pets.