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How to catch Togedemaru in Pokémon GO

How to catch Togedemaru in Pokémon GO

How can you spot this less-known Electric Mouse?

Niantic introduces the latest Pokemon into Pokemon GO often for players to track down and take home.

One of the most recent additions is Togedemaru. This Pokemon was introduced during the Test Your Mettle The event featured two new Ultra Beasts, Kartana and Celesteela Additionally. There are several ways to contact Togedemaru at this time.

How do you go about catching Togedemaru In Pokemon GO?

Togedemaru is a species that can be found in the open as a wild Encounter. Its spawn rate is significantly higher in the Test Your Mettle event, but it’s likely to stay for a while in smaller numbers. The Pokemon is also able to be fought and captured during one-star raids and will not be difficult to eliminate.

Can Togedemaru be Shiny in Pokemon GO?

As of this writing process, Togedemaru cannot be shining. The shiny version of the Pokemon could likely to be included in some future event or celebration however it’s not present during the first Pokemon event. Togedemaru’s shiny appearance features just a slight shift from the original color palette. It changes from brown to gray as the primary color. When it is released it will be simple to recognize, but it’s likely to be difficult to locate with shiny Pokemon that have very low numbers of spawns.