How to Change Age on Roblox?

How to change your age on Roblox under 13 and 13 or over Follow these steps to alter the birthday date and age limitations


How to Change Age on Roblox – Under 13

If you’re younger than 13 or if you’ve messed up when you were born and seem to be 13 you’re not able to alter you age.


Roblox is dedicated to providing privacy and security protection to our users. This is why, and also because of COPPA rules, users who are under 13 are able to not alter their age settings.

When you turn 13th birthday Roblox is going to update the restrictions automatically. You will be able change your age. Therefore, your only option is to keep waiting until you reach 13. However, make sure to read the last page (Roblox Age Restrictions) as there is always a solution

How to Change Age on Roblox – 13 or Older

Here are the steps you can take to alter your age birthday if you’re older than 13:

  1. Log in to your account
  2. Log into your account settings
    • The Gear icon is located in the upper-right-hand part of the site
    • Mobile Apps – The three dots icon to find More
  3. Select the Account Info tab
  4. Enter your correct birth date
  5. Select Save

What do you do if did not correctly enter your birthday’s date however you’re more than thirteen years old?

If you entered an incorrect birthday date, but you’re older than 13, what must do is reach out to Roblox support and show that you’re older than 13 years old.

Then, in the “help category” dropdown select “Chat and age settings”. In the text box below, explain the error you made when you first entered your age.


Contact Roblox Customer Support Here

Roblox Age Restrictions

The account settings are non-negotiable children of any age are able to create accounts on Roblox without parental restriction. Accounts of children younger than 13 years old, Roblox automatically switches to more strict settings, however a child can alter these settings if no PIN for the parent.

If you’re younger than 13 and are subject to parental restrictions The only option is request your parents to remove the restrictions. If you’re 13 or younger and you don’t have parental restrictions or you’ve just convinced your parents to disallow these restrictions, you are able to lower the restrictions yourself.

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