How to complete the Energy Extraction Device Challenge in Vissudha Field in Genshin Impact

September 18, 2022

Switch the device off to remove energy. Device off in order to complete the Challenge.

The Vissudha Field, west to the west of Vanarana In the Vissudha Field, which is located west of Vanarana, discover an Eremite camp that has the Energy Extraction Device which can be distributed with the help of Control Keys. Refer to the image below to determine the exact place that will be the focus of your Challenge. The area is inundated with a variety of enemy Eremites Make sure you have a war-ready team.

When you arrive You’ll see a mechanism known as the Energy Extraction Device. It is necessary to locate three control keys to turn off it.

What can you do to find a way to manage the extractor inside Genshin Impact?

In this section, it is necessary to locate the three Control Keys in order to turn off your Energy Extract Device. They are available for any purchase.

First Control Key Location

You can slide towards your Energy Extraction Device on the highest point of the building. Then leap into the hole that is beside it. The room will be filled with some Eremites and the first Control Key. You must approach to the Control Key to find it.

Second Control Key location

The second Control Key Location

Go to the second level of the building via the door shown above. Inside, you’ll discover another Control Key in containers. You can use it to get the item.

Third Control Key Location

You can enter the first level of the structure through the crack that is located near the staircase’s bottom as shown above. The three Control Key inside. Use it to access the item.

How can you secure this extractor up until the time it stops in Genshin Impact?

Once you have obtained the Three Control Keys, interact with the Energy Extractor Device located at the highest point of the building. This will start a battle segment. An elongated gauge is likely to appear over it. The objective is to be near the device till the gauge over it is full. If you’re too far from the device or there are any enemies in the area the gauge will not fill up, so ensure to take down all enemies who appear and stay close to the device afterward. When the gauge is fully full the device will switch off, and reward the player by presenting you with the Extraordinary Chest.


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