How to complete the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge in BitLife

September 18, 2022
Take on the Wheelin’ and Dealin’ Challenge with these guidelines!

To be able to complete the Wheelin’ and Dealin Challenge to complete the Wheelin’ & Dealin’ Challenge BitLife players will have to accomplish the following primary goals:

  • Purchase a food truck for 5plus years
  • Be in the business of a marijuana dispensary for at least 5 years
  • Participate in more than 10 group-building exercises
  • Get 50k or more in bonus from the company
  • A company can be sold for 100kplus profits

Complete the BitLife Wheelin’ & Dealin’ challenge is simple when you understand the best way to complete each objective within the challenge. Begin in the beginning by making any character you like and follow the steps listed below.

Before you can begin the Wheelin’ and Dealin Challenge, you need to purchase the Jobs Pack in BitLife, since the entire challenge is centered on the DLC. The DLC can be purchased through the in-game store at $4.99.

How do I purchase a food truck on BitLife?

If you want to start a food truck on BitLife the requirements are at least a bank balance of $300,000. The most effective way to build this amount of money is to pursue one-year experience in a lucrative and high-paying field or solicit money from family members. We suggest becoming a lawyer or Doctor, as they will pay you more than starting on day one. When you’ve reached $300K, you are able to purchase a food truck in our Special Careers section and operate the business for five years until you reach the first task.

Job > Special Career > Business > Own a Business > Buy a Food Truck Business

How do you run a marijuana dispensary using BitLife

As with the first one you’ll need to be the owner of a marijuana dispensary before you can operate one. You’ll need an initial investment of at least $2 million in order to open a marijuana dispensary. It is therefore recommended to be in the lucrative field for at least 10 years prior to starting the business.

How can you get involved in more than 10 team-building exercises using BitLife

If you own a business that you own, you are able to engage your employees in fun activities such as fishing, camping, or scavenger-hunting to boost morale and improve team bonding. For this, select any event for team building in the section Job.

Job > CEO > Activities > Team Buidling >Any Team Activity.

How do you take 50k+ in cash from a business in BitLife

In order to complete the fourth and final task for the Wheelin’ and Dealin challenge, you need to get more than a fifty thousand plus bonus from a business. You can simply pull out a 50k bonus from one of your businesses from the section on activities.

Employment > CEO > Activities > Bonus > Take the sum of $50k out of Company Capital.

How do you sell a business with a profit of more than 100k in BitLife?

The final and most important goal involves selling one of your businesses with a margin of 100kor more. Manage at minimum one of your businesses fully focused by inventing new products and advertising them correctly. As time passes, your business will flourish and begin to earn profits. Sell the business at this moment and you will earn the required profit margin.

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