How to Evolve Lightning Ring in Vampire Survivors

Evolving the Lightning Ring in Vampire Survivors – Evolution Steps, Tips, and our opinions on the Lightning Ring, and the Thunder Loop


Steps to Create a Vampire Survivor Lightning Ring

The process of creating an evolving lightning ring is very simple. There are only 4 steps.

  1. You can unlock the Lightning Ring by defeating at least 5000 enemies
    1. Porta Ladonna can be unlocked by completing the Lightning Ring at level 4.
  2. The Lightning Ring weapon is available to Level8
  3. Get Duplicator accessory power up ( passive Item). Get the Magic Wand to Level 7.
  4. You can collect a rare enemy’s box once your counter reaches 10:00. (survive for at minimum 10 minutes).

Lightning Ring Evolution Recipe > Lightning Ring + Duplicator = Thunder Loop

How to evolve

  • Porta Ladonna should start with the Lightning Ring to create the Thunder Loop. It’s your starting weapon
  • Candelabrador, which offers large bonuses to Area and is one of most effective ways to increase power of the Lightning Ring, is one of the best ways to do so.
  • Due to the damage it does in a short time to many enemies, it can be considered a primary damage supplier.
  • Each level of the Duplicator increases the Amount stat by +1

How to Evolve Lightning Rings in Vampire Survivors – Levels

Levels of the Lightning Ring can be boosted:

  • 1st Level: Attack random enemies
  • 2nd Level: 1 Projectile
  • 3rd Level: +10 Base damage & +100% Base Area
  • 4th Level: +1 Projectile
  • 5th Level: +20 Base damage & +100% Base Area
  • 6th Level: +1 Projectile
  • 7th Level: +20 Base damage & +100% Base Area
  • 8th Level: +1 Projectile

Lightning Rings at max level will have +50 base damage, +300% area and +4 projectiles

How to Evolve Lightning Ring for Vampire Survivors – Thunder Loop

Thunder Loop will double the damage output of the Lightning Ring by causing lightning to strike twice.


The Thunder Loop, if you enjoyed the Lightning Ring, is clearly superior. It’s one of the best late-game weapons and one you should definitely try.

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