How to Evolve Peachone in Vampire Survivors

How to Evolve Peachone In Vampire Survivors – Evolution Steps, Tips That Will Help You, and Our Opinion of the Vandalier


Steps to How to Evolve Peachone In Vampire Survivors

It is very easy to evolve peachone. There are only 4 steps.

  1. You can unlock Peachone by living for 10 minutes with any character
  2. The Peachone weapon is Level 8
  3. Register Ebony Wings Accessory power-up (passive item). Get the Peachone up to Level 7.
    1. Exdash’s starting weapon, quickly type “x-x1viiq”, while on the main menu.
  4. You can collect a rare enemy’s box once your counter reaches 10:00. (survive for at minimum 10 minutes).

Peachone Evolution Recipe > Peachone + Ebony wings = Vandalier

How to evolve

  • It is most effective in large groups of enemies. Projectiles can penetrate infinitely
  • Peachone reaps the benefits of every passive item. According to the collection tab, it receives the greatest Cooldown and Duration bonuses

How to Evolve Peachone In Vampire Survivors – Levels

Peachone levels can be increased:

  • 1st Level: Bombards within a circling area
  • 2nd Level: +40% Base Area & +1 Projectile
  • 3rd Level: +1 Projectile & +10 Base damage
  • 4th Level: +1 Projectile & -0.3 seconds cooldown
  • 5th Level: +1 Projectile & +40% Base Area
  • 6th Level: +1 Projectile & +10 Base damage
  • 7th Level: +1 Projectile & -0.3 seconds cooldown
  • 8th Level: +1 Projectile & +40% Base Area

Peachone at max level will have +20 base damage, +120% area and -0.6 second cooldown.

Boosts at the Vandalier’s levels:


  • 1st Level: Union of Ebony Wings & Peachone
  • 2nd Level: +20% Basis Area
  • 3rd Level: -0.3 seconds cooldown
  • 4th Level: +20% Base Area
  • 5th Level: -0.3 seconds cooldown
  • 6th Level: +20% Base Area
  • 7th Level: -0.3 seconds cooldown
  • 8th Level: +20% Base Area

Vandalier at max level will have +80% base surface, and -0.9 second cooldown

Vandalier: How to Evolve Peachone among Vampire Survivors

Because of its bonuses, extra circle and faster rotation, Vandalier can do much, much more damage to an opponent than either Ebony Wings nor Peachone. This makes it a viable main damage option.

Vandalier can be acquired once the character is complete. This allows the character to open up an additional “base weapons” slot in their inventory. Ebony wings and Peachone can be combined into one item, giving more space for the build in the later game.

If you enjoyed the Peachone, the Vandalier is clearly superior. It’s one of the best weapons for late-game play and you should definitely try it.

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