How to get a Bone in Raise a Floppa

How to Get a Bone in Raising a Floppa. This is how, where, and when to farm bone, which can be useful for raids and dog food.


Steps to Get a Bone in Raise a Floppa – How?

These are the steps you need to take in order to get your bone.


  1. You first need to buy the bigfootjinx on Shop.com. (Enter your house, turn left, and click E – Browse Interwebs. The cost is $100,000 but you get x2 Floppa Cash & random items.
  2. Wait until the bigfootjinx drops Bone
  3. Take the bone out of the dog/wolf and give it to him/her
  4. Congratulations, you’ve mastered the dog or wolf (probably one of your dogs)

What does the Bone do when Raise a Floppa is over?

The bone can be fed to the dog, and this will help you control it. The best part is that the dog will attack all its enemies for five minutes after you have fed it. If you’re going to give the dog a bone, make sure it is done in a raid so that it gets the best out of it.

You will waste the bone if you don’t use it in raids. Although you have a guard dog for five minutes, it won’t attack anyone.

Video Guide

Farheen Ayesha Islam has a video guide that will show you how to feed your dog with the bone and how it follows after you. Remember, it’s only useful in raids.

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