How to get Blessed Gems in Anime Story – Roblox

September 18, 2022

Find and locate the precious material!

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Anime Story is one of the most popular open-world explorative stories on Roblox. Roblox platform. As with other exploration games, the game features a crafting system to make strong weapons and equipment to take on more formidable opponents as you advance.

One that is among the top-rated crafting supplies in Anime Stories is The Blessed Gems. They are mostly used as the primary raw material to create advanced weapons such as the Godslayer’s BaneCelestial Blade, or Thor’s MightTo obtain a Blessed Gem to use in Anime Stories, the player needs to discover and mine Blessed Gem ore within the cave of mining.

Where is the mine cave located in Anime Story?

The mining cave is located in the Adventurer’s Settlement directly next to your spawn location. There is a Vegetable NPC at the entrance at the beginning of the cave. Take a look at the image below for an image of the cave.

mining cave in Anime Story

How do you mine the precious Gem Ore?

The ores of the Anime Story game can be mined by making use of the same pickaxe. Find the Blessed Gem ore, and then extract it by pressing the interactive buttonIt is a blessed Gem ore that has a gold/yellow hue and has an attractive appearance similar to the appearance of a magic Gem.

The rarity and quality of the blessed gem Ore?

Blessed Gem ore is one of the rarest materials and is extremely difficult to find. There is no secret method to locate a Blessed Gem ore, as they appear randomly in any part of the mine. It’s all about luck in spotting one.


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