How to get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid

How do I get Leather Strips from Project Zomboid – One of the best resources to enhance protection from scratches, bites or bullets.

leather strips are utilized in the customizing skill to increase protection from scratches, bites and bullets

How to get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid – Crafting

There are no leather strips or is extremely difficult to come across, so you have to create it and you can make it using two methods

  • Clothing (Leather) + Scissors = Leather Strips
  • Water + Dirty Leather Strips = Leather Strips


You’ll need Scissors and clothing (Leather) and water

  • Scissors: They can be found on desks. If you don’t have scissors on hand, the possibility of ripping leather will not be available.
  • Clothing (Leather) Jackets made of leather are commonplace all over the world typically in homes or in clothing shops. Zombie’s can often be seen in leather jackets

Water: Water can be drawn from bathtubs, faucets, and toilets. Furthermore, water can be drawn from rainfall collectors barrels and water coolers and water barrels or directly through water source within the natural environment, such as lakes and rivers.

How to get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid – Codes

Method for cleaning leather Strips:.

How to get Leather Strips in Project Zomboid – Tailoring Skill

Tailoring is a technique in Project Zomboid that is used to repair and reinforce clothing to give them more protection against scratches bullets, and bites.

You’ll need:


  • x1 Needle
  • x1 Thread
  • The Fabric (Ripped Sheets Denim Strips, Leather strips)

Of the three fabrics, we would recommend making use of denim Strips as well as Leather Strips as well Leather Strips tend to be the most effective as they provide the same level of defense like the Denim Strips are against Scratch and Bullet, but they double the defense against Bites which makes it the most powerful reinforcement that you can get.

To begin tailoring, start by right-clicking a piece of clothing, then click inspect to show what’s wrong with the garment. The holes can be patched, and paddings can be added pressing the appropriate body part.

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