How to get Marathon Medal in COD Mobile?

How to Get the Marathon Medal in COD mobile – Soon you’ll understand why it’s called Marathon. But don’t worry, it’s very easy to get

How to unlock the Marathon Medal in COD Mobile

The Marathon medal is one the easiest medals you can get. You just need to run 2000m on the map in Battle Royale in one shot. It doesn’t matter if you defeat someone, it’s possible to get it even if not. Only the distance you walk in Battle Royale mode counts. Although it may not be the most efficient way to navigate the map without having to shoot, it is very cost-effective.



  • You can’t run indoors with meters, you have to run on the open field
  • You can drop in remote areas with very little loot and few players.
  • Avoid the safe zone as it is where most players gather.
  • Avoid using vehicles. It doesn’t compute the same as running meters.
  • We recommend Trickster and Poltergiest as well as Airborne and Ninja.

It is possible to land in an unlucky area or be unable to see the Marathon Medal, but it doesn’t take long. It is possible to walk in any area you want, just as if you were walking around a tree. As long as there aren’t any enemies, this option is valid.

How to Get the Marathon Medal in COD Mobile. Video Guide

We leave you with this video of Vision Gaming unlocking the Marathon Medal in case you need it.

You can see that even though you run the game, it is easy to not meet anyone if you don’t want to.

We trust that this guide was helpful and you are now able to unlock the Marathon Medal. If you’re interested in receiving free gifts, please visit our guide on COD mobile redeem . Our Perks guide is also available.


Are you a COD Mobile Marathon medalist? Comment below to share your thoughts about the weapon!

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