How to NoClip in Subnautica

Subnautica: How to NoClip – Xbox, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch – We show you how to get through walls like a ghost

You can use the NoClip mode to traverse obstacles such as walls like a ghost. It requires cheats or console commands. Your actions while using it might not count towards your achievements. The console commands, although legal, are freely available to anyone who wishes to use them.


How to get a NoClip in Subnautica

You cannot cheat NoClip mode. However, you can use the command to teleport forward any meters indicated, regardless of obstacles.

If you are faced with a wall and want to pass through it, you can use the Warpforward command. You can use warpforward 10 to teleport yourself 10 meters ahead.

If you have never used console commands before you should know how to enable it.

How do I enable console?

The method to open the command box varies depending upon the PC or console you’re using.

  • PC: Press F3, then F8, and finally, untick Disable Console Box
  • Xbox: Press LB+ RB+ A simultaneously
  • Press simultaneously LB +RB + A
  • Nintendo Switch: Press L+ R + A simultaneously

After opening the console, you will see a text box where you can type the command. If you want NoClip, type warpforward, followed by a space, and the number you wish to advance. This is actually teleport forward, not NoClip.


Hopefully, now that you know how to use the console, you’d like to try out other commands. Below are the guides explaining all commands.

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