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How to order a Mobily ESIM SIM and the price of the electronic SIM 2022

How do I purchase the Mobily ESIM chip and knowing the cost of the chip is among the most crucial questions Mobily customers should be aware of, particularly if they would like to take advantage in the embedded electronic chips ESIM that was recently introduced by Mobily for their smartphones and take advantage of its benefits which allow users to include more than one number to it on one mobile device, without the requirement to have more than one chip or use more than one phone. Follow the link for more about the details of the ESIM chip.

How do I make an application for a Mobily ESIM

It is essential to understand how to buy the Mobily ESIM SIM to decide if you wish to switch your existing SIM to an embedded electronic SIM or purchase an ESIM SIM in case you have lost the old SIM or want to get a new one. The ESIM chip can be ordered at the local Mobily branch within your local area or by submitting an application to change the conventional chip to an integrated ESIM chip via the Mobily official Mobily online store located this page Then, you need to follow the steps to enable the SIM on your phone:


  1. First, you have to enroll in Mobily prepaid or postpaid plans using an Mobily ESIM chip regardless of whether it’s voice or data packages. You can also transfer your existing number using similar packages from your existing SIM to an SIM with an ESIM SIM.
  2. After you have completed the activation process for the package you’d like to use to activate on Mobily’s Mobily ESIM SIM, you will receive a QR code from the sales rep.
  3. Make sure your handset is connected to Internet “WIFI”.
  4. In the event that your phone is an iPhone then navigate to “Settings” option, then “Cellular”, then the “Add a cellular plan” option. In the case of Samsung then go to “Settings”, then to “Communications”, then to “Manage Card”, then the “Add Card” option.
  5. Then, you must then scan your “QR code” on the Mobily card you received from the Mobily salesperson, using the camera of your device.
  6. The phone will start downloading Mobily ESIM SIM. In this process be aware of your Internet connection until the downloading process for the Mobily ESIM SIM files is complete.
  7. Once the download process is completed You can then follow the steps required to designate your new line. Select the primary line and secondary line in your mobile device and begin enjoying Mobily ESIM services.

The cost is the price of an electronic SIM Mobily ESIM

This Mobily ESIM chip is available by visiting Mobily branches close to you or visiting the website for Mobily’s Official Mobily Store by clicking this link . In both instances the only fees associated with changing the SIM are charged or the same charges to issue the new SIM amount to 50 Saudi riyals, without imposing any charges or additional charges to request and receiving the Mobily ESIM SIM.

The conditions for getting the Mobily SIM card

Mobily has defined a set of requirements that people who wish to obtain an Mobily ESIM account must satisfy These conditions include:

  • A single of the crucial requirements to obtain the Mobily SIM is that the applicant must be 16 years old in order to apply for a Mobily SIM.
  • You must accept your Mobily group’s requests to validate your information, or collect a fingerprint when you apply for an Mobily fingerprint chip.
  • You can cancel an order to purchase the Mobily SIM or return it prior to sending your purchase to the shipping company , or the delivery service that will deliver you. SIM exclusively to yourself.

Request an alternative SIM for Mobily

Some people might require the extraction of a SIM that replaces the stolen Mobily in the event that the phone is stolen, lost or lost in any way. So, it’s feasible to ask for a new SIM that works with Mobily to get the SIM by following the steps:


  • You can either visit your closest Mobily branch or by resolving the issue yourself. If it’s not feasible for you to visit Mobily branch locations, then you could create an official authorization for one of your family members or friends to come to your house in the event that they bring along with him a valid ID and original ID, as well as the original authorization form that is valid and certified by the embassy, or the court, and detailing the service required and the procedure to get an alternative sim card to Mobily.
  • You can also submit an inquiry for the missing Mobily SIM card via Mobily’s official website by clicking this link .

How do I remove Mobily SIM? Mobily SIM

A lot of users will need to remove their Mobily ESIM electronic SIM after requesting it and then switch back to using the conventional SIM using the same numbers. Thus, Mobily offers the option to remove their Mobily ESIM digital SIM after making a request for it at the closest Mobily branch, and then changing the SIM. In consideration of the fact that SIM replacement charges will be charged as they are and without any additional charges during the offer period that is offered by Mobily.

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