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How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2?

How to slide cancel in Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t support slide cancellation by default. The developers have stated it was because the slide cancel feature was changed within the game. If players decide to cancel their slide, just as in previous games their avatar will perform a ‘dolphin dive.’ However, the community has discovered an effective method to perform the same move.

Slide canceling is a sophisticated technique for a movement that lets players accelerate their movement, making them difficult targets to strike. It’s been included in Call of Duty titles for some time now. The first time it was used was Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019) the move technique was added to Warzone. Players who have higher levels of skill, typically employ this technique to gain a benefit in playing.

Slide canceling is a feature in Modern Warfare 2

Slide canceling, even though it is not a standard feature present in Modern Warfare 2, players are able to use this technique. But, the process could be complicated and takes time to master. As of now, there are two ways that are known to cancel a slide during a game.

The first method

In this case, you should have your second weapon (pistol) with you. Then, begin the tactical sprint. Once your character begins to run then, start the slide. Switch to the primary gun and aim the sights two times as soon as the slide animation starts. This will cause the slide to be canceled within Modern Warfare 2.

But, this method isn’t the easiest to apply. It requires a lot of press buttons in only a couple of minutes. However, there’s a different method that, on paper is much simpler than this.

The second method (easier)

To accomplish this, you have to change your settings within the game before you play the game. Set your settings according to these settings:

  • ADS weapon mount activation ADS
  • Mantle with a solid base Mantle with a solid base
  • Automatic airborne mantle Off
  • Automatic ground mantle Off

Once the above settings have been altered, you can head to the game.

For you to cancel the slide to cancel a slide, first you be required to begin tactical sprinting after which, once your character is moving then slide. When the sliding animation begins then aim the sights downwards using your primary weapon, and then press the ‘Jump’ button.

If you’ve done it correctly If executed correctly, your character in-game should be able to cancel slides. Although it’s a fantastic option for you to cancel slides within Modern Warfare 2, it isn’t as fluid as it used to be in the earlier titles.

Slide canceling allows players to make quick movements that often mislead the enemies. It allows players to chase down enemies faster or escape from them to safety, whatever the situation. Being swift with the movements also makes them a harder target to hit. Thus, it becomes an important skill to learn in the game.

Modern Warfare 2’s Beta stage is now available. Gamers can now play the game to test the latest movements and combat techniques that have been added to the game. It is the “most advanced” Call of Duty game featuring the latest audio technology as well as graphics upgrades and the most advanced AI.