How to solve the Energy Extraction Device Challenge in Gandha Hill in Genshin Impact

September 18, 2022

Turn off this Energy Extraction Device in Gandha Hill.

Within Gandha Hill, located east of Sumeru City, there is an Eremite camp that has the Energy Extraction Device which can be distributed with the help of Control Keys. Refer to the image below for the exact place that will be the focus of your Challenge. Because the area is overflowing with hostile Eremites Be sure to prepare your team for battle.

When you reach the location you’ll see a device known as An energy extraction device. Use it to start the Challenge where you’ll need to locate 2 Control Keys to disable the device.

What is the best method to manage the extractor in Genshin Impact

In this step, it is necessary to locate the two Control Keys to turn off this Energy Extract Device. They are available in any purchase.

First Control Key Location

Go to the hill next to The Energy Extraction Device and find a tiny hole inside the building. After entering the building, you’ll be locked inside. Take on the Eremites to unlock the gate that leads to your first Control Key. Begin by attempting to reach the Control Key to obtain it and open the gate the front of it.

The second Control Key Location

After you have obtained one Control Key, turn left to locate a different access point that leads to the opposite part of the structure. Go through it and climb up the ladder until you spot another Control Key. As you approach, you will be able to find the Key and finish the Challenge target.

How do you protect this extractor up until the time it is shut down in Genshin Impact?

How to guard the extractor until it shuts down in Genshin Impact

Once you have obtained the 2 control Keys, interact with the Energy Extractor Device located at the uppermost part of the building to start a battle segment. The circular gauge should be visible above it. Your objective is to remain near the device to wait until the gauge over is filled. If you’re too far from the device or there are any enemies in the area then the gauge will not fill up, so ensure to take down all the enemies who appear and stay close to the device afterward. When the gauge is completely full The device will switch off, presenting the player by presenting you with the Extraordinary Chest.


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