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How to solve the Energy Extraction Device Challenge south of the Ruins of Dahri in Genshin Impact

Turn off this Energy Extraction Device in the Eremite camp.

On the south side of Sumeru’s Ruins Dahri as well as Apam Woods, you’ll find an Eremite camp that has an energy extraction device that can be dispersed by using Control Keys. Refer to the image below to determine the exact place for the Challenge. The area is inundated with a variety of enemy Eremites Be sure to have a war-ready team.

When you arrive the device will be known as the energy extraction device. Begin by interacting with it for the Challenge where you’ll need to locate 2 Control Keys to turn off the device.

What is the best method to control the extractor inside Genshin Impact

In this step, you will need to find the two Control Keys in order to shut off this Energy Extract Device. They can be obtained in any purchase.

First Control Key Location

How to Look for a way to control the extractor in Genshin Impact

First Control Key is located in the same building as the Energy Extraction Device. On the left aspect of the property, there are cracks that allow the user to go inside and locate the key. Go towards the Control Key to get it.

The second Control Key Location

Take the stairs to the opposite part of the structure until you reach the highest point. The 2nd Control Key through the peephole. However, it’s too small to pass through. Break open the cage(circled in the above image) using any method to make an opening large enough to allow you access. Once inside, walk towards to the Control Key to claim it.

How can you secure your extractor till it is shut down in Genshin Impact?

Once you have obtained these two Control Keys, interact with the Energy Extractor Device on the uppermost part of the building to start a battle section. An elongated gauge is likely to appear over it. The goal is to remain near the device till the gauge becomes fully filled. If you’re too far from the device or if there are enemies in the area the gauge will not fill up, so be sure to beat all enemies who appear and stay close to the device afterward. Once the gauge has filled The device will switch off, and reward players by presenting them with the Extraordinary Chest.