How to Turn On VSYNC without NVIDIA Control Panel – FNAF

How to Turn on VSYNC Without NVIDIA Control Panel – FNAF. Are you looking to activate VSYNC


For Five Nights at Freddy’s Security Players Do you want to turn on VSYNC for five nights? Here’s how it works. You can submit the game without NVIDIA’s Control Panel


Turn on VSYNC Without NVIDIA Control Panel

To Turn VSYNC without (NVIDIA Control Panel) just go to the following folder: User > AppData\Local\fnaf9\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor

Although we have set the word “user”, each computer is configured differently. This folder will be found:

The file that you must edit is called “GameUserSettings.ini” Open it with Notepad, when you open a file like that in notepad it will open like a text file.

Locate the line that contains the words “bUseVSync”, and change “False” to “True”.

It is possible to find out how it is converted to True



Close the file first, then save it.

Credits to noozed228

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