Hypemasters raises $3.25 million to use the game for World War II based RTS

Hypemasters, the developers of mobile games, raised $3.25million to make mobile real time strategy game World War Armies.

GEM Capital and Open Gaming Federation (TGF), as well as Ludus, funded the competition. GEM Capital received 2 million dollars, while the Games Fund received 1 million and Ludus received 250 million.

Hypemasters was founded by Boris Kalmykov, ex-Facebook and Unity. There are currently 34 employees. World War Armies, the company’s first game, has a competitive multiplayer effect that is set in the second half the world.

The team hopes to adapt and redefine classic multiplayer games for mobile, while still retaining and improving the essence of an RTS-based game-based experience.

This is a major moment for Hypemasters,” said Boris Kalmykov (cofounder and CEO of Hypemasters). We will be able to strengthen our team, launch World War armouries, and grow beyond one game with new partners GEM Capital, Ludus, and the return of TGF.

World War War Armies can be used as a mobile RTS.

He said, “At this moment we also parte with MGVC and wish to thank them for their kindhearted encouragements and support throughout our journey.” This chapter is the result of an independent company journey. We are honored to have worked with professional gaming industry venture capitalists. We are filled with optimism and excitement.

World War II is currently being broadcast on air. The company announced that it will be releasing its plan internationally this summer. The Games Fund, MGVC, and AII Corporation provided seed and post-seed funding. The company will use the money to build World War II Armies as well as complete a buyout of an investor.

As early investors, we are seeing the evolution of Hypemasters and are happy to support Boris and his team. Maria Kochmola (Managing Partner of The Games Fund) said that the Hypemasters Corporate Culture is something she loves. This allows them to attract investors easily, be proud of their work, and select the best talent to create new games. We at TGF love RTS. Investors and players alike see the potential for World War II armed forces.

Roman Gurskiy is GEM Capital’s entertainment and gaming leader. Hypemasters is an innovative team that doesn’t mind trying new things and creating their own products. There are currently no mobile games that can be considered True RTS. We believe World War IIs could rise to the top of this category.

Why? Because I love playing well-executed and unique games.

Kalmykov wrote to GamesBeat: In 2019, I have been contemplating starting my own business. It was my desire to be able to manage, lead and create every job that I did. We started with very few games and a small team. The first year was not my best, but I realized I wanted to be a part of games that are unique and innovative in the industry.  (Really, I played all of them and much more). I longed to be one of those creators. Hypemasters was founded in response to that realization. They have been working hard to create games that are iconic and define a genre that gamers all over the globe will enjoy for many years.

Kalmykov was inspired by the three most popular game companies: Supercell, Riot Games and Small Giant Games. Many strategy games are inspiring the team, particularly Company of Heroes.

At the time of writing, the company had raised $4 million. The team was drawn from many backgrounds including Wargaming and Playrix as well as My.Games, Game Insight, Wargaming, Wargaming and Playrix.

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