I need a reason: Pokimane reluctantly took part in Twitch streamer boxing events – but they hesitantly participate in a second-ditch festival

Creator Clash began as a fight between Twitch stars and YouTubers on May 14, and streamers and their followers have been pitching superfights for the next one.

Jeremy Disguised Toast Wang, for example, said that he is open to fighting and would even consider who a good matchup might be. After their split, Hasan Hasan Abi Piker stated that he would defeat Felix xQc Lengyel. This triggered two watersheds.

Ludwig Ahgren claimed that Iman Pokimane Anys’ name was put in the hat because he believed that the locked horns would cause him to die.

The Twitch queen was hesitant to take part in any boxing match.

Screengrab by Pokimane at YouTube

She said that although I feel like a good sex player, I feel like there is more to life than me. I could fight for the same fate with what I love, care about, or believe in. If that’s what you feel, then it’s okay! You can fight this person! You will be like, “Ahh!” It’s hard work, you know. It’s hard work. I don’t know anything about it.

She doesn’t necessarily oppose the idea but it doesn’t mean that she is against it. Training camps can be expensive, and punching always improves your health and wellbeing.


Pokimanes, despite being in a different place from Valkyraes’, love this idea more than anyone and have even begun training. Some fans would love to see them fight, but Valkyrae should consider other options.

Creator Clash 2 will be held in spring 2023.

The second movie, which was a huge success and generated over 100,000 pay-per views, will be built upon. The money was donated to The Healing Horse Therapy Center, American Heart Association, Alzheimer’s and American Heart Association.

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