I was a teen exocolonist because the ability to get into space was stellar

You can get rid of the awkward parties and stressful social situations, and you can spend your formative years living on an alien planet. I was a Teenage Exocolonist when I discovered PC and Mac.

Finji and Northway Games released me as a young exocolonist in 2014. This is a different story than that of an adult. This story-based RPG explores new biomes and undiscovered emotions.

This unexpected mix of traditional RPG and card battle allows explorers to have a decade of fun. You can choose from more than 1000 stories as you grow up, learn, and possibly fall in love. You can choose from 25 different jobs, including those of a depot clerk or survey team member. Additionally, you will learn how to navigate the challenges that may arise.

You can choose from 10 different characters to make your exocolonist journey more interesting. These include great dogboys or great ice-cold killers. There are also 50 endings. So, you have a lot to choose from. The comic book aesthetic made me a teenage exocolonist was so unique that our heads turned. Visit the official website if you are looking for something a little different from Finjis Tunic or if you desire to connect with other teens, such as Monster Prom.

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