Idle Huntress Tier List – June 2022

Idle Huntress Tier Listing – Best Characters – Overall, PvE(Story), Arena & Damage Dealers rankings


Idle Huntress Tier List-Overall

The best overall characters ranked in tiers SS (the most outstanding) to tier D (“the worst”)

If you don’t care about PvP or E, the overall Tier List should be used as a reference. This ranking is good if you want to simply know the top Idle Huntress characters.

Idle Huntress Tier List-Overall

Idle Huntress Tier Listing – PvE(Story)

Best PvE – Stories characters ranked from Tier SS to Tier D (the worst)

If you’re looking to play the story mode, the PvE Tier List should be your reference. We recommend that you choose Tier SS/Tier S PvE characters if you don’t want your Idle Huntress character list to be limited.

Idle Huntress Tier List (PvP) (Arena

Best Arena PvP – Characters ranked from Tier SS to Tier D (the worst)

Source: Official Discord of Idle Huntress

This Tier List is for you if you don’t care about story mode, but want to compete against real players. If you plan to play PvE at some point and are looking for more versatility in your characters, this is the Tier List.

Best Damage Dealers – Tier List

The Best Damage Dealers are ranked from Tier SS to tier D. You can have great characters in Overall, but a tank or support profile may not suit your needs. Look for the top Damage Dealers with a high overall ranking if you are looking to eliminate your opponents in IDle Huntress.

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