ig adventure platformer Superola Champion Edition Coming to PC and consoles July 14th

JanduSoft along with Undercoders revealed today their upcoming game for platforms Superola Champion Edition will be available on PC via Steam, PS5, PS4 Xbox Classic X/S Xbox One and Nintendo Switch on July 14, 2022.

Superola Champion Edition is an action-packed adventure platformer that has an lama who loves hamburgers to defeat the aliens of hot dogs and sells them hamburgers that have been stolen to keep it cold!

In this thrilling adventure it is possible to discover an enchanting world in Wonderland that is full of treasures fun characters, hilarious characters, thrilling scenarios, and a love for old-fashioned game and popular culture. To defeat the hot dog army of aliens discover all the secrets, gain access to the ultimate ending and then return to the home of the hamburgers that were destroyed.


The game’s level is more than 70, and there are plenty of secrets to discover and costumes that you can unlock. Choose between 4K or retro style pixel art. Alpacas redemption was actually an ‘kunnerboard’, a 3×4 pacifier as well as ‘players who could do more on the ground.

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