In Fortnite, enter Hidden Leaf Village

One of the most beloved anime and manga series is Naruto. They take on powerful enemies and use their ninja skills to defeat them, thanks to his name and the support of his many friends. It’s no surprise that Naruto is a crossover character with Fortnite, which is a very popular game. Many quests, cosmetics, and character creations from Naruto were added to the game. This includes the Hidden Leaf location, where Naruto spent a lot of his time. Fortnite’s Hidden Leaf Village would intrigue you. This is what you got.


Conohagakure or the Hidden Leaf Village, also known as the “Zirk”, is now the real name of Fortnite players across all platforms. It will be available on Friday, 23rd and 22nd at 5 o’clock GMT. Thursday, 24th at 12 o’clock GMT. 1 o’clock GMT. 2 o’clock GMT. 10 o’clock GMT. This area can be accessed until Thursday, July 7, 2022. No other visitors to the Hidden Leaf Village will be permitted after the closing of the area. To enter the Hidden Leaf Village during this phase, scroll down the main menu to select Adventures from the Hidden Leaf Village.

You’ll find several Naruto characters when you visit Konohagakure. You can often find quests for cosmetic and XP items, as well as rewards from these characters. You will also find many other interesting points if you go to the Hidden Leaf Village. It’s a great opportunity to take a walk in the Hidden Leaf Village if you are a huge Naruto fan. You can spend up to two weeks at his home starting today. We recommend that you hurry to get all of the Naruto-inspired Fortnite goodies.

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