In-store PS5 restock confirmed at GameStop – but keep checking these other stores too

The month of January has been a bit ‘average in terms of PS5 Restocks, with occasional good hits appearing. But, today (January 27th) we’ve heard we know that Gamestop(opens in a new window) is gearing up for a massive in-store PS5 Restock sale. If you’re fortunate enough to be located near a store that is an choice, then that’s the best bet today.

We’re not sure the location and what stores it will be happening in since the retailer hasn’t announced this publicly, so you’ll have to look up your local stores locator(opens in a new tab) to double-check your choices and possibilities. Additionally – as is extremely crucial – you’ll have to sign up to the GameStop PowerUp Rewards(opens in a new tab) program as this in-store PS5 sale is exclusive to active members of the program.

However, as we are aware of (it’s been so longthat we’re familiar with the current trends surely) It’s important to search and check with online retailers to stay on top of any sudden stock declines. For instance, Sony Direct(opens in new tab) has dropped some PS5 stocks in the last week however, there may be other waves in the event of cancellations and you need to keep an eye on all retailers. In addition, we’d be on the lookout for Amazon(opens in a new tab) as it hasn’t been able to drop stock for a while and is “overdue”, and other retailers like Amazon, Best Buy(opens in a new tab), Walmart(opens in a new tab), and Target(opens in a new open in new tab) are always worthy of having a webpage open.

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