In the 2021s, victims of money laundering have lost more than 1milliard of dollars

The scammers are still drawing the attention of. As per the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) between January 2021 and March 2022, total losses of victims of cryptocurrency across the nation surpassed $1 billion. The FTC received more than 46,000 complaints the digital currency was not worth anything during this time.


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According to studies, the most popular currency, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Tether is most sought-after by fraudsters. The majority of fraud cases involved bitcoin, whereas attackers attempted to take Tether or Ethereum in 10 percent as well as 9% cases , respectively. It was the largest and most popular type of fraud , resulting in the loss of 575 million money. Typically, this kind of deceit is successful against novice investors, who are more likely to believe that they can earn a huge profits in a shorter amount of time.

The money laundering industry claims that businesses earn profits from money and also money. However, these currencies travel all the way to the pockets of scammers who claim.


They’re now encouraging the misuse of social media and dating apps. Criminals are able to connect victims, convincing that they invest in Bitcoin. The victims have suffered the effects of this method of demoralization over the sum of 185 million dollars.

It is important to note it’s worth noting that CTC report is based upon statements that deceived investors in cryptocurrency. The scope of fraudsters is more intricate in this particular area. According to the FTC, just 5% of fraudulent investors disclosed that to FTC. According to the blockchain platform Chainanlysis the volume of stolen dollars that were transferred last year to accounts of fraudsters increased by $14 million, when compared to the same time in the year before.


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