Insider PlayStation 5 will receive a Pro-controller

According to Tom Henderson, insider at Sony, the controller will be called a “professional” controller. Hunt is the codename for this controller.


There will be buttons, trigger stops, and sticks on the back of the device. Henderson is unsure if there will be removable grips that can be used to hold the controller. Henderson has seen the prototype, but isn’t certain.

According to rumors, the new gamepad will be called the PS5 Pro Controller. We don’t know what the new software is, but he will get it.

According to Henderson, the presentation will be in the near future. Other sources claim that Sony will announce several new devices at the end June, but not a new console – possibly the gamepad.

The PS5 Pro Controller is a type of analogue to the Xbox Elite Controller, which is an improved version the Microsoft gamepad. Sony did not participate in the development of professional versions of their gamepads before.

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