Instagram is testing a smart sensor system that tracks the age of users using the digital camera to find out

Instagram* tested new methods to determine age. This included the use of artificial intelligence algorithms from Yoti (a third-party company) that detect facial changes and calculate age with some error.


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This problem has not been a problem for the company. To verify these kinds of information, she did not request her date of birth. The company started to pay more attention to child advocates and began to use new methods of filtering its audience.

The social network now requires that you determine your age when a young person attempts to add a date on their birth, pretending they are 18 years old or older. To prove their age, they can request a photo ID. Adults are now able to search for older guarantors and use artificial intelligence to locate smugglers. The first requires that the person be vouched for by three of their mutual friends who must all be at least 18 years old. The request will be sent to them within three days. The second option is to send a video selfie of yourself to Yoti (a third-party company that uses artificial intelligence to determine your age). It claims its employees don’t know the point at which artificial intelligence can be used to determine your age.


Image source: Yoti

The Yoti tools have been widely used and are approved by the British government as well as the German authority. However, the system does not provide 100% accuracy data even though it makes assumptions about its accuracy. As with age, gender, and skin color, the exactity of an individual is not the same. AI, for example, is much more relaxed than AI in the case of females or dunkers. The difference between the mistake and difference between two and three year olds can be as high as ten years for children under 24 years. Yoti allows you to measure the system for free, and without registration.

It is possible to be effective in the system. However, it is not clear if taking a picture in front of the camera can help. Tests have shown this. I don’t know why young users won’t do the same or ask for help to confirm their age.

Instagram uses an automated algorithm to find people with the same age as them since last year. Special bots can be used to track birthdays and to learn about friends. Instagram* users can declare that they are developing other methods such as linguistic analysis of the speech among participants in a social networking site.

* The list of religious organisations and associations which the court has made a final decision to ban or dissolve on the basis Federal Law no 114-FZ dated July 25, 2002, on Countering Extremist Activity is included in the public list.

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