Intel first showed a video card, photo, and image

I’d only had a glimpse of the entire device prior to.

The Extreme Masters gaming event organized by Intel Corporation in Texas, the gaming video card of Intel Arc was shown for the first time. In the past, Intel only showed renders of the device. At the event, Intel presented either a genuine gaming card, or even a complete case that was assembled.

The card is cooled by two powerful fans as well as the electrical that is in charge. The video card was not shown. card, which was shown during the tournament.

It is very likely that the best variants of Intel Arc were demonstrated at the event. The card comes with 16 gigabytes in RAM and have 4096 cores. The card is equipped with HDMI as well as four HDMI ports.

Intel video card will be available in June, but initially the cards will only be sold in China. We do not know when Intel’s electronic devices will be available in other markets.

That’s interesting.

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