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Intel will temporarily not hire new employees

Due to lower costs, Intel has stopped work in its chip manufacturing division. This temporary measure is only for two weeks.

It is worth noting that this division generated about half of the company’s revenue last quarter.

Prioritizing our expenditures properly will allow us to navigate macroeconomic uncertainty and support our strategy. It will also help us deliver on our promises to shareholders, customers, employees, and shareholders.


In the last year, nearly 28 percent of shares were also sold by the company. AMD, TSMC, and Apple are all competing for the company’s shares. They have also switched to their processors. This market has also affected the supply of specialty materials for chips production and the long-term restrictions on coronavirus use in China. Intel has stopped shipping products to Russia and Belarus since March 1. Trade and Industry Department included branded products in the list of goods that can be imported parallel to Intel’s exports on May 6.

Russia’s military operations in Ukraine prompted the company to suspend deliveries. The company decided to stop deliveries because Russia has military operations in Ukraine. Delivery could resume depending on the time of a special opera.

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