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iQOO10 Pro smartphone can be fully charged in just 12 minutes

The slugger was launched by company Vivo. Chinese company Vivo that went to the press for the release of a brand new piece of information, called the iQOO 10 Pro, which will be made available to Chinese customers.

There is confirmation that this device can support 200W for a full year of charging. Additionally, the timing of charging has been revealed and it’s said that only half of the reserve of energy is expected to be increased by 5 to 50 cents.

Selon the rumor that the battery’s capacity is 4700 mAh or higher. The new model is said to have support for wireless charging.


The phone iQOO 10 Pro comes with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor that has eight processing cores that have the clock time of 3.2 GHz as well as an impressive Adreno graphics accelerator, and an Qualcomm Snapdragon X65 5-G cellular modem.


The image’s source is Qualcomm.

The camera is fitted with an LTPO display with a speed of 120 Hz as well as fingerprint scanner. Its rear camera with multi-modules is equipped with the main sensor of a megapixel.

The smartphone is expected to arrive in July. The cost of the package of US dollars are not known.


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