Is Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer?

Dyson Sphere Multiplayer – Is it possible? Is it possible? What might it look like? What time could it be played?


Dyson Sphere Program Multiplayer

Currently Dyson Sphere Program doesn’t have any multiplayer functionality. Since its launch, almost all players have asked this question. There was some doubt at the time about whether they would include it later. It has been over a year since then and it doesn’t seem like the game’s creators had it in mind. The Dyson Sphere Program at this time is a private experience.


Dyson Sphere Multiplayer Program Coming Soon?

We have not been able find a formal statement like what -Pulz stated.

This game is only for singleplayer and no plans to add multiplayer. However, it is not ruled out. Modding support is being planned so you might see the community put together something, and maybe the developers will get a glimpse into multiplayer when the game is completed.

Any future news on multiplayer would therefore be quite surprising. It’s not a definitive “No”, but it is in his current plans.

Dyson Sphere Multiplayer – Multiplayer Mods

A multiplayer is a great idea. Mods that include this function are popping up all the time, due to the fact that there’s not much interest from the game’s creators. Perhaps the most popular mod is Nebula’s.

Nebula Multiplayer Mod

We will show you how to use Multiplayer’s most popular mod.


These are the essential things you should know:

  • ModManager r2modman
  • Hamachi: Hamachi
  • The NebulaMultiplayerMod

Install ModManager and Hamachi first.

This guide is not about the mod. You will need to look elsewhere for information on how to set Hamachi up.

  1. Install ModManager
  2. Dyson Sphere Program
  3. Make a new profile
  4. Search the mod “NebulaMultiplayerMod” and install it.
  5. ModManager allows you to start the game.

That’s it! You can now see the Multiplayer entry in the main menu. Everyone needs the mod. Client and host.

Multiplayer will hopefully be added to the game in the near future. You’ve seen it before, Dyson Sphere Program can be played with friends. We hope you found this guide useful.

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