Is Final Fantasy 7 rebirth free on PlayStation 5?

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth as the official title of the second part of Final Fantasy VII and will carry on the story that will conclude in the final game. first game.

As for the expected project, we’ve been told when Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth goes out, at a minimum, during its launch time, but at the celebration marking the anniversary celebration of Final Fantasy VII it was confirmed that the game will be out in the future. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is not expected to be an Xbox 5 exclusive, or will it be released on an alternative platform? It’s true, Japan has announced that the second installment of the Remake will be released being released on PS5 and we can’t expect it to launch in the future on PC as well as Xbox.

It could change as progresses, much like it did in Final Fantasy VII, when it happens, that the latest PS4 version that was released in April 2020 (with an additional release via Intergrade) was released on PC by the at the end of 2021. Rebirth could follow the exact pattern in the months and years following its release on PS5. In reality there are no theories which can be verified.

Although it’s not an extended time for the cloud Strife family is set to come back. We have confirmation finally.

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